Ted Strickland's "Mixed and Spotty" Record:

More Than 350,000 Ohio Jobs Lost

“…between Strickland's inauguration in January 2007 and his departure in January 2011, Ohio lost 372,300 jobs.” (PolitiFact, 10/25/12)

One of the Worst Unemployment Rates in the Nation

"...48th in the nation in job creation..." (PolitiFact, 10/25/12)

Unemployment Rate Went from 5.5% to 9.2% During Strickland’s Time in Office (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Jobs Lost to Neighboring States Like Kentucky, Indiana, and Even Michigan

"DHL Moving Cargo Jobs From Ohio To Kentucky" (The Associated Press, 4/17/09)

"General Products Leaving For Indiana" (Columbus Dispatch, 7/9/08)

Axiobionics Moves to Michigan (The O&P Edge, 7/8/09)

$800 Million in Tax Increases

"...took away $844 million in refunds earmarked for Ohioans and instead gave it to the government." (PolitiFact, 10/13/10)

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